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Rayat Shikshan Sansthas


श्री रावसाहेब रामराव पाटील महाविद्यालय, सावळज.

Tal.- Tasgaon, Dist.- Sangli.

(Affiliated to Shivaji University Kolhapur) Course Year & Details
1 Land Survey 2015-16,  2016-17,  2017-18,  2018-19
2 Introduction to Yoga 2012-13,  2013-14,  2014-15,  2015-16,  2016-17,  2017-18,  2018-19
3 Democracy and Good Governance 2012-13,  2013-14,  2014-15,  2015-16,  2016-17,  2017-18,  2018-19 IQAC Proceedings
1 IQAC Meeting 2017-18 View Year Download
1 2012-13 Download
2 2013-14 Download
3 2014-15 Download
4 2015-16 Download
5 2016-17 Download
1 Undertaking by Principal Download

To be the platform in its limitation to strive to make meet and realize the objectives of HRDMs agencies with the objectives of the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, the parent institute and the college in periodical and phased manner.


- To encourage and prepare the fellow faculty for periodic assessment and accreditation of the college by internal and external agencies.

- To encourage and help the fellow faculty for using modern teaching aids and ICT tools in their TLP and research mind set.

- To create suitable ambience among the fellow faculty and students through dialogical manner for healthy practices and student-centric activities

- To help fellow faculty for changing mind sets towards self-evaluation, developing sense of belongingness and accountability and innovations in their being teachers and a part of the college.

- To establish dialogue mechanism and innovate structure for execution of all the IQAC policies and activities.

- To establish collaborations/ agreements with the stakeholders for qualitative improvement of the college.