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Rayat Shikshan Sansthas


श्री रावसाहेब रामराव पाटील महाविद्यालय, सावळज.

Tal.- Tasgaon, Dist.- Sangli.

(Affiliated to Shivaji University Kolhapur)


Committee Members Member Post
1 Prin. Dr. R. S. More Chairman
2 Prof. M. S. Shrike Secretary
3 Prof. C. E. Patil Member
4 Shri. S.J.Patil Member
5 Shri. S.K. Dhende Member
6 Prof. S. P.Patil Member

Staff Members Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Shirke M. S Librarian M.Lib, SET  View
2 Mr. Dhende S. K. Lib. Attendant M. Lib
3 Mr. Salukhe N.K. Lib. Attendant B.Sc. Narration Total
1 Computerization Partially automation
2 N-List database subscribed
3 Total Books 19,825
4 Journals/Periodicals 21
5 Newspapers 10
6 CDs/DVDs 72
7 Book bank Beneficiary students 40
8 E-journals & E-Books 6.000+97,000 through N-List
9 Rare books 10   View
10 New Arivals View Name Of Property Numbers
1 Computer 3
2 Printer 1
3 Periodical Stand 1
4 Book Rack 15
5 Barcode Printer 1
6 Scanner 1
7 Library Issue Counter 1
8 Chair 9
9 Tables 4
10 Fan 1
11 C.D.Box 1
12 Ranganthan Photo 1 Name of Periodicals
1 Current Science Journal
2 Resonance
3 प्रबोधन प्रकाश ज्योती
4 Indian Literature
5 हंस
6 The Deccan Geographical Journals
7 Maharashtra bhugolshastraparishad
8 Journal of Chemical Science
9 संशोधक
10 अंतर्नाद
11 रोजगार समाचार
12 नया ज्ञानोदय
13 गोडवा शेतीचा
14 अंधश्रध्दा निर्मूलन
15 लोकराज्य
16 ललीत
17 सत्याग्रही
18 साधना
19 परिवर्तनाचा वाटसरू
20 समाजप्रबोधन
Book Borrowing Facility
Reference Service.
Reading Room Facilities
Book Bank Facilities
Bibliographic search service
News paper clipping
Online Book Suggestion
Question Papers
Library orientation and Information Literacy programme
RGranthalayAaplya Dari (SamajbhimukhGranthalaya)
Current awareness services e.g. List of books, journals, articles etc. The concerned readers/ department are sent the related articles for the reference Year Download
1 2012-13 Download
2 2013-14 Download
3 2014-15 Download
4 2015-16 Download
5 2016-17 Download
1 Undertaking by Principal Download

Library and Information science is an interdisciplinary field that applies the practices, perspectives, and tools of management, information technology, education, and other areas to libraries; the collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information resources; and the political economy of information.

Library is treasury of knowledge library provide information to the library users. Library resources reference books, Journals. Dictionaries, Encyclopedia are available in library.

The library has more than 19825 printed Books with 6130 titles and it subscribes18+ Journals and magazines. Library is also a member of INFLIBNET-N.LIST program under which it has access to more than 6000+ e-journals databases and more than 97,000 e-books . Library has established contacts with Arts and commerce college Ramanandnagar for inter-library loan arrangement.

RayatShikshansanstha has provided “ Libreria ” software manufactured by MKCL, Pune. Library has OPAC facility. The Library has partially automation with all kinds of operations.

Best Practices of Library

- GranthalyaAaplya Dari

- Book inspiration Days

- Book Exhibition